Dose of Luxe

Project description

Proving its qualities through its natural beauty, uniqueness and imperfections, marble undoubtedly creates the impression of luxury in the bathroom. It gives freedom of style and combines very well with other natural materials. Of course, everything must be well balanced, and the result is a different, interesting, fresh and luxurious bathroom.

Luxury and trendy are the two words that briefly describe the impression that this marble bathroom achieves. Perfect choice for those who like to feel special and spend more time beautifying and refreshing, even having the opportunity to relax during the process.

  • Location:

    Varna, Bulgaria

  • Area:

    23,8 m²

  • Date:


  • Style:


  • Design and 3D visualization:

    Invent Art LTD


Varna, Street Perla 16

Work time:
Mon-Fri 09:30 – 18:30